Statement from Xiangmo Huang

  1. I am grateful to all my friends for your words of kindness from Australia and around the world. Please accept my sincere apology for not being able to thank every one of you in person.

  2. I also appreciate the effort made by the friends in the media. You have my understanding and the highest respect for pursuing the noble practice of journalism with passion and devotion.

  3. It is profoundly disappointing to be treated in such a grotesquely unfair manner. The decision of visa cancellation was made based on unfounded speculations that are prejudiced and groundless.This is not the Australia that I believe in,the Australia of freedom, democracy, rule-of-law and fairness, but I keep my faith in law and justice.
我十分遗憾、也十分失望,遭遇了如此不公平的对待,吊销签证的理由依据 “莫须有”的某种猜测,充满偏见、毫无依据。这完全不符合我心目中的自由、民主、法治、公平的澳大利亚,但我依然相信法律、相信正义。

  4. It is therefore gratifying to see confirmation in ASIO documents that I have never acted in any way in violation of the Australian laws and regulations.
在ASIO 的相关文件中,确认了本人没有任何触犯澳大利亚法律法规的情形,对此我表示欣慰。

  5. According to ASIO, the key allegation is that I am committed to promoting the peaceful reunification of China as the current chairman of the Oceanic Alliance of Promotion of the Peaceful Reunification of China (OAPPRC) and previously the chairman of the Australian Council for the Promotion of the Peaceful Reunification of China(ACPPRC).
在ASIO 的相关文件中,最为关键的,是指责本人担任大洋洲中国和平统一促进联盟主席、及此前担任澳大利亚中国和平统一促进会会长,致力于推动中国和平统一。

  However, this is in line with Australia’s diplomatic position since 1972, that Australia respects China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and supports peaceful cross-strait relations, a one-China position confirmed by successive Australian Governments ever since, without objection by any Government,Labour or Liberal. The words and actions by OAPPRC and myself have accorded with Australia’s very own diplomatic position. It also happens to be my own firm personal belief that a divided China or a conflicted Taiwan Strait will not be in the best interests of Australia and even more so, should not become the policy of the Australian government.
但是,承认一个中国、希望台海和平,这是澳大利亚自1972 年以来的外交政策,从未有任何一届澳大利亚政府(无论工党或自由党)对此有任何异议。大洋洲统促联盟与本人的相关言行,完全符合澳大利亚外交政策及澳大利亚法律。我也相信,中国分裂、台海战乱,将不可能有利于澳大利亚的利益,更不应该成为澳大利亚的政策。

  OAPPRC and ACPPRC are local community organisations lawfully registered in Australia by Australian Chinese members from across the Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and the Southeast Asian countries. OAPPRC and ACPPRC are neither affiliated with,nor funded by,any foreign governments.No Australian government agency, including ASIO, has ever raised any objections in this regard.
大洋洲统促联盟及澳大利亚中国和平统一促进会,都是当地华人在澳大利亚合法注册成立的社团组织,囊括了来自大陆、台湾、香港、澳门及东南亚各国的华裔,不隶属于任何外国政府,也不接受任何外国政府的资助。对此,包括ASIO 在内,任何澳大利亚政府机构从未表示过异议。

  If I am penalised for promoting the peaceful reunification of China,such penalty is against Australia’s own diplomatic position and international commitment as well as Australia’s fundamental principles of cultural diversity and freedom of speech.Consequently, it inflicts confusion on all Australians who honour the one-China position and support peaceful cross-strait relations.

  6. It is also pointed out in ASIO documents that my business and family ties to China could constitute threats.In the age of globalisation,especially in Australia, a nation of immigrants,it is both common and normal to have overseas business and family ties.There are a large number of Australian companies in China,and the scale of their foreign investments far exceeds mine. It will be outright ridiculous to suspect that they are therefore amenable to being manipulated by a certain foreign government.
在ASIO 的相关文件中,也质疑我在中国的商业关系、亲属关系等可能构成威胁。在一个全球化的时代,尤其作为移民国家的澳大利亚,有海外商业关系和亲属关系是十分普遍与正常的。澳大利亚在华也有许多企业,其投资应该远大于本人,若据此怀疑他们更易被某国政府操纵,一定是荒谬的。

  7. Sadly,in recent years,particularly over the past few days,certain media outlets have opted to attack Australian Chinese, including myself, with baseless allegations and sheer lies. They always claim to have been supplied with information from intelligence agencies and senior government sources.The claims, if untrue,should bring shame to the reputable Australian journalism,as the said media outlets are proven to have been continuously engaged in news fabrication; if some are true, they implicate that there is a material leak of personal information from government officials holding positions at the Intelligence, intentionally violating security and privacy law and regulation – a grave security threat indeed.
For these reasons, I hereby call on the intelligence agencies to provide clarification on the situation, and urge the relevant government departments to initiate a rigorous investigation process for any leak of classified information, which is the right and only way to safeguard the national security of Australia.

  8. The political donations I made years ago have not been part of the grounds established by ASIO, yet certain journalists have been citing intelligence sources to produce sensationalized stories. I would like to make the following clarifications:
至于我多年前的政治捐款,虽然在ASIO 的相关文件中并未提及,但某些宣称获得了情报部门泄露信息的记者却大肆炒作。在此我愿再次说明:
1) Political donation as a means of exercising the right to political participation is available to Australian Chinese and all ethnic groups alike.
2) All donations related to myself were made in strict accordance with the Australian laws and regulations, as ironically corroborated by years of aggressive yet futile attacks by certain media outlets.
3) All donations related to myself were made at the request of the receiving political parties and their representatives as opposed to being proactive offerings. The only voluntary donations I have initiated myself were made to wonderful charity causes and these amounts far exceed my political donations.
4) I chose to decline all political donation requests and ceased all political donations as of July 1st,2016.
自2016 年7 月1 日之后,我已经拒绝了所有政治捐款请求,停止任何政治捐款;
5) If any of the past donations I made was deemed inappropriate by any political party or political figure, I again propose the option for them to duly return the amount donated without the need to pay any interest.The returned money will be then donated to Australian charitable organisations accordingly.
6) As previously reported in The Australian, I in fact advocated for an overhaul of the political donation system1, and it is still my belief that a reform is necessary to better protect the rights and interests of all stakeholders of the country, including the political parties and politicians, donors, and the public in general.
我曾经在 The Australian (澳洲人报) 上呼吁对政治捐款制度进行改革①。我至今依然相信,只有进行相应的改革,才能更好地保障公众、政党及政治人物、捐款者等各方的权益。

   9. The year 2018 was a fruitful one to me. In the first half of the year, I started to focus on my investments in Hong Kong, Thailand, the United States and the United Kingdom. In the second half of the year, I followed through the family succession plan for Yuhu Group Australia, no longer hold any position or shares at the company, and have returned to a peaceful and happy life in Hong Kong.

   10. I will keep in close contact with my friends in Australia from all walks of life and will visit Australia at the appropriate time with the suitable identification.

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