National Australia Bank’s full-year cash profit falls 14pc to $5.7b

The SMH & The AGE
Scott Morrison takes a swipe at Malcolm Turnbull
总理Scott Morrison对其前任Malcolm Turnbull进行了猛烈抨击
Chilling WhatsApp video shows ill-fated passengers boarding Lion Air plane
GUT-WRENCHING footage has emerged of passengers boarding the doomed Lion Air plane with no idea of the tragedy about to unfold.
令人揪心的WhatsApp视频显示,乘客登上了狮航(Lion Air)的飞机

The DM
‘I make good batter, I’m married to my business’: Ex-cop reveals why she named her fish and chip shop The Battered Wife as she hits back at ‘abusive’ trolls who launched a social media campaign against her
“我是个好击球手,我嫁给了我的公司”:被问及要给炸鱼薯条店起名为“被虐待的妻子”(The Battered Wife)的名字后,Carolyn Kerr对那些在社交媒体上对她发起攻击的“辱骂”巨魔们进行了回击